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Fall Travel Tips

Fall is here! Kids are back in school, the weather is starting to cool, and it's getting dark out earlier and earlier. Now is the time to plan a trip. Here are my Fall Travel Tips to help you plan a perfect vacation.

Autumn colors of foliage on the trees in Yosemite national park with a glassy reflection of the sky from the Merced river
Fall Colors in Yosemite National Park

Crowds and Destinations are a lot less crowded than during the Summer Peak Travel Demand. Most families are not traveling with their kids in school so Fall is a perfect time to see popular destinations without all of the crowded chaos!

a crowded line of people waiting to climb the Zion National Park Angels Landing
Avoid the Summer Crowds at popular destinations like Zion National Park

Tropical Destinations still have that welcoming Summer warmth. Pretend it still is summer and book a trip to a place like the Caribbean, Hawaii, or even a bucket list destination to somewhere south of the Equator. Places like Australia are starting to enjoy their summer months making it an ideal time to visit !

Trees and rocks in the foreground with calm blue ocean waters with views of the Hawaiian islands
A perfect fall day in Maui still feels like summer

Europe airfare and hotel deals can be nearly 40% cheaper in the Fall than during the peak Sumer travel days. Now is the perfect time to visit and plan a trip to Europe with less crowds, cheaper fares, and without the heat!

As the Summer Travel Demand dwindles you will have a better opportunity to find better deals, offers, and even available accommodations when booking trips with Points. Resorts and Airlines typically will not offer as many rooms or seats on points during the peak season. Fall is a great time to find great award availability and nothing beats a trip for "free" - Head over to the Points Travel Tab to maximize a trip with points or miles.

Plan a trip to a National Park! Summer is when parks see the greatest surge of visitors. Fall is great time to visit one of our National Parks with less crowds and more importantly, milder temperatures perfect for spending the day in the outdoors or embarking on a long hike!

woman in white jacket and beanie hat walking on a bridge with colorful Fall foliage and Dome Mountains at Yosemite National Park
Chasing Fall Colors in Yosemite National Park

If you are a thrill seeker then you need to head to your favorite theme parks in Fall! Amusement Parks will debut new rides and attractions in time for Memorial Day and the official start of Summer. Now is your chance to visit a theme park without having to wait in all of the lines! Bonus - Halloween is approaching and amusement parks offer seasonal haunted houses and other fun attractions not available year round.

Woman in yellow blazer and blue jeans posing in front of the Disney land palace with Daisy Duck in Disney Land
Always smiling when visiting Disney Parks

Fall is a perfect time for a vacation - Happy Travels


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