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5 Reasons to plan a cruise vacation

Whether you have been on multiple cruise ships or not, a cruise vacation is always a great choice for your next trip. There are countless reasons but here are 5 reasons why you need to plan a cruise vacation.

woman jumping in the air in front of the Celebrity Apex Cruise ship at the port

Multiple Destinations in one trip

Imagine waking up in 5+ different cities without ever having to pack or unpack your suitcase. Cruise vacations are the perfect way to enjoy multiple destinations on one trip. You can experience a multi country trip to Europe or even island hop in the Caribbean or Hawaiian Islands. There are some amazing itineraries available to book where you can experience so many different cities, or even countries, all on one trip! There isn't a more convenient way to travel.

Aerial overhead view of an MSC Cruise ship sailing through the ocean
On to the next destination!


Have you heard of those retired couples who spend months or years on cruise ships? It blows my mind how affordable cruise vacations can be! Once you are on board you don't have to worry about planning meals or activities. Everything is available at your own leisure. Of course there are some add-ons offered on ships like more exclusive dining or activities.

woman on cruise indulging at dinner with an empty and finished plate with wine and desert
Indulging with wine, dessert, or both!

Endless Fun

Cruise companies are always trying to innovate and bring new exciting activities to every new ship. Cruises now feature rock climbing, water slides, roller coasters, gyms, sports facilities, movie theaters, zip lining, ice skating and so much more. Adults can enjoy the casino or live shows and kids can enjoy the kids or teen clubs. It is truly amazing how much is offered on board and that doesn't include any adventures or excursions you can enjoy once you arrive at your new destination.

woman in white dress playing on a ropes course on an MSC cruise ship
Being a kid or testing out every aspect of the cruise? #travelmomapproved


On most vacations you aren't going to meet or interact with other guests or travelers. Cruises offer a unique opportunity to make friends with like minded travelers whether you are a young kid or a retiree. With communal dining, shared activity experiences, and onboard events, there are multiple ways to create new friendships.

woman and man pose with the captain of the cruise
Making new friends on board - Even the staff become friends!


Cruises are naturally scenic whether you are arriving to a new waterfront destination or just enjoy the 360 degree views of the vast seas. But there are certain itineraries you can book that offer mesmerizing scenic adventure. Book an Alaska trip and you can enjoy breaching whales or glaciers from the luxury of your private balcony. Embark from New York City and pass iconic landmarks like the City skyline or Statue of Liberty.

Bon Voyage !


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