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Shoulder Season, the best time to travel

It is Fall so that means we are in the thick of "Shoulder Season"! What does that mean?

The time of year just after Labor Day and before Christmas (excluding Thanksgiving) is known as Shoulder Season in the travel industry. This is a GREAT time to travel because there are tons of deals, discounts, and incentives for booking travel during this time.

Why is Should Season the best time to travel ?

With kids going back to school and Summer travel winding down, hotels and airlines see less demand for leisure and vacation travel. This means you will find better deals and prices! And my favorite part is that there will be way less crowds - Resorts and National Parks will see way less traffic in the Fall vs the Winter and Summer Demand.

Airlines will charge a premium during Holidays and Summer Travel. Booking in the Fall means you can save money and find the same flights at way less the price! You can find find flights to Hawaii for half the price by waiting for booking after Summer!

Hotels will add incentives for guests while booking during Shoulder Season by adding value offers - added nights for free, Food and Beverage Credits, etc. are some of the amazing deals and offers you may find!

Waiting for fall won't harm you warm looking to book destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, or The Caribbean where you will still find great weather! The beach is always nicer without the crowds.

Here are some of my favorite Shoulder Season Deals:


Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui, Hawaii is one of the best resorts on an amazing island. They are running a Fifth Night Free Promotion as part of their Shoulder Seasons Deals. Check out the ultimate Maui Travel Guide for planning your trip!


Trips to Honolulu were going for $660 this summer now you can get flights for $300-$400 this November!

Some Family Friendly Price Drops:

- Seattle (SEA) down 45%

- Los Angeles (LAX) down 35%

- Honolulu (HNL) down 35%

- Portland (PDX) down 30%

- Denver (DEN) down 20%


One of my favorite ways to travel is on a cruise. You get to wake up in a new port city every day without having to check in and out of your room! MSC Cruises has some AMAZING deals right now.

- MSC Cruises 3 or 4 night cruises for $119 per person!


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