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Travel Must Haves - October Amazon Sale

Did you know Amazon is having an October Sale for PRIME members? Check out my travel must have list on Sale today and tomorrow!


Whether you are in the car or on a noisy plane, nothing makes travel easier than tuning out the noise to sleep or just listen to music or a movie.

Apple Air Pods Pro - Courtesy of

Apple Airpods Pro - these little ear buds pack a big punch and are some of the best quality audio in ear buds you can find. The best part is the noise cancelling feature perfect for the loud plane engines or crying child on your flight! These are also perfect for red eye flights because the do not obstruct your head from resting on a pillow.

Currently 10% Off Today! Buy Here:

Bose Beats - Photo Courtesy of

Bose Beats Studio Over The Ear

These are a great over the ear headphone which provides more noise cancelling than a traditional ear bud. They are also great because they come in lot of colors.

Currently 50% off Today! Buy Here:


Having a good suitcase is so important when travelling. Whether your taking a quicker trip and need to get in and out of places quickly or need to lug a big suitcase for a week long trip, having a durable suitcase with good mobility is so important.

Samsonite Centric Hardside - Photo Courtesy of

The Samsonite Hard large roller case is a great product for long trips. This product comes in multiple colors as well!

Currently 44% off Today! Buy Here:

Samsonite Freedom Hardside - Photo Courtesy of

The Samsonite mini roller bag is great for a weekend or short trip as the bag fits perfectly in the overhead bin. There is even a lock on the bag for security and peace of mind. The bag is super lightweight and easy to move around and bring on any terrain.

Currently 38% off Today! Buy Here:


Not every plane or train has a power adapter. And there is nothing worse than being stuck travelling without our mobile phones charged. Extended battery packs or a mobile power bank is so good to ensure you never lose power on our trusty handheld devices.

Apple Batter Pack - Photo Courtesy of

If you always find yourself running out of power, consider getting the Apple Battery Pack which provides extra hours of iPhone use!

Power Bank - Photo Courtesy of

If you want to charge multiple devices then the Power Bank 26800 portable charger is what you need. With plugs for USB-A, USBC, and Iphone Lightning Adapter, this is the perfect and compact way to charge your devices.

Currently 20% off Today! Buy Here:


Whether you are afraid of losing your keys, purse, or even a suitcase, trackers give you peace of mind wherever you or your belongings are.

4 Pack Apple Air Tags - Photo Courtesy of

Apple Air Tag 4 Pack is great. Throw these little trackers in a suitcase pocket to make sure you know exactly where your bags are. Is there anything worse than losing your checked bag? Buy Here:

Apple Leather Air Tag Key Ring - Photo Courtesy of

Get the Air Tag Leather Key Ring if you are going to put your Air Tag on a key chain or even a pet! Buy Here:


Amazon Essentials - Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Puffer Jacket - Photo Courtesy of

Airplanes are usually cold. This lightweight puffer jacket can stuff in to any bag or be worn to keep you warm. The cheap jackets also roll up and can be used as a pillow as a bonus!

Currently 30% off Today! Buy Here:


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