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5 Reasons to book a beach getaway at Zachari Dunes

There is a new beach resort open outside Los Angeles, CA that is a perfect place for a beach getaway. Hilton just repellently renovated and opened a new Curio property, Zachari Dunes on Mandalay Beach. Here are 5 Reasons why you need to book a beach getaway at Zachari Dunes.

  1. THE BEACH - there aren't many true beachfront hotels in California. There are a lot of cliffs that make beaches not easily accessible and many properties are usually on the other side of the Pacific Coast Highway. Mandalay Beach is a flat beat and just steps away from the property. You will also find this beach to be a lot quieter than some of the main tourist beaches like in San Diego or Santa Monica.

  2. HILTON PROPERTY - this resort is part of the Hilton Brand meaning you can earn Hilton Honors Points for booking a stay here! You can also use points to earn FREE stays here! Check out my points guru's blog for the best and fastest ways to get free stays at a Hilton property!

  3. NEWLY RENOVATED - this resort went under a huge renovation and was upgraded to a Curio Property meaning a higher level of luxury and service can be found on property.

  4. THE ACTIVITIES - each stay on property comes with 2 hours of daily rental from surf boards, hover boards, paddle boards, and too much more... for FREE! Plus you can rent bikes and ride along the beach strand and neighborhoods!

  5. ALL SUITE ACCOMMODATIONS - every room is a Suite with living space and separate bedrooms making it spacious for a group of friends or a family.


VISIT A NATIONAL PARK - when you lookout in to the ocean you will see some large mountains on an island not too far in the distance. You can take a boat and head to Channel Islands National Park to hike, kayak, and parasail around this beautiful destination!

There are tons more of great reasons to book a stay at Zachari Dunes if you are looking for a Beach Getaway in California. This is also a great destination to book if you are planning a multi-day trip along the California Coast!

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