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5 Reasons to Visit Pismo Beach; The Ultimate California Coast Beach Destination

The Central Coast of California has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. The beach towns along this stretch are much quieter than the busy and crowded beaches near Los Angeles and San Diego making it for the perfect and quiet getaway.

Central California Coastline where the ocean meets the green mountain hillside

Here are 5 reasons why Pismo Beach should be at the top of your travel list:

  1. Surfing: Pismo Beach is a perfect place for surfer's of all ages and levels. Whether you are an avid rider with your own surf board or someone learning and wanting to rent and take a lesson from a local surf school, Pismo Beach has you covered!

  2. Adventure: Explore one of Pismo Beach's iconic landmarks, the Oceano Dunes! This State Vehicular Recreation Area means you can drive on to the beach! There aren't many places in California that let you do that. Plus, you can explore the sand dunes whether you are renting an off-road vehicle or just hiking and sledding down the sand dunes.

  3. Explore: There are so many unique beaches in this area including the neighboring rocky and cliff side beaches like Shell Beach, Avilla Beach, and Dinosaur Cave Park. Plan a trip during a low tide and you can explore sea caves and tide pools!

  4. Wine tasting: The Central Coast region and the larger neighboring city of San Luis Obispo is known for its local wineries. Head to the neighboring valleys where you will find tons of places for tasting and enjoying some wine.

  5. Hiking: Get outside and hike up the beautiful coastline hillsides with endless views of the Pacific Ocean and California Coastline.

BONUS: Try the Clam Chowder famous at Pismo Beach.

Sand dunes along the Pacific Ocean at Pismo beach

Home to beautiful beaches, deciduous food, wineries, and outdoor actives, Pismo Beach is the perfect destination to visit and a must visit stop if you are doing the iconic PCH Road Trip!

If you are driving the PCH heading North, be sure to stop at: Morro Rock, Hearst Castle, Big Sur and Monterey before heading in to San Francisco.

If you are deriving the PCH heading South, be sure to stop at Santa Barbara and Malibu before heading in to Los Angeles.

Viewers watching the sunset at the Pismo beach pier


Vespera Resort is the ultimate destination if you are looking for the perfect luxury getaway.


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