About Emily

Emily Kaufman is The Travel Mom. She has been appearing in print, on television, online and on the radio since 1996 as a leading expert in leisure travel. Emily has been a contributor on many national television shows including; The Steve Harvey Show and Good Morning America. She has also appeared often on The Today Show and Hollywood Today Live. The Travel Mom is the “go to expert” for stations all over the country in tip markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami and Atlanta.


I am celebrating 49 before 50 because it is time for me to do some of the things I want to do. My philosophy is – if not now, when? What am I waiting for? And Why not? I have been a wonderful mother for the past 22 years, shared a great partnership with my husband of 24 years, have been a supportive family member, a hard working business woman and a quality friend. It is time for me to experience even more and I am doing it with the goal of accomplishing 49 first time things before I turn 50. I have many things I would love to try this year, but the ultimate adventure for me would be to celebrate my 50th birthday by performing a duet with Meatloaf of possibly the worlds greatest song, Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

My goal is to inspire other women to join in on the fun because we are only just beginning!

Emily Kaufman - The Travel Mom