Giveaway #56- 50,000 Marriott Rewards Points!

13 Aug

August is a very special month… because you have two opportunities to win with The Travel Mom giveaways! The whole month of August I will not only have a new giveaway up every Monday but also this great bonus giveaway running throughout the whole month! This great giveaway is to win 50,000 Marriott Rewards Points! I love throwing in a little extra when I can, variety is the spice of life!

Where would you go if you had 50,000 Marriott Rewards Points?

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This giveaway starts on Monday, 8/13/2012 at 10:00am PDT and ends on Friday, 8/31/2012 at 11:59pm PDT and the winner will be announced on Saturday, 9/1/2012 at 9:00am PDT.

Terms and Conditions:

This promotion is solely sponsored by The Travel Mom and is not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with Facebook. There will be one winner per promotion who will be selected at random by The Travel Mom. By submitting your name, you will be eligible to be randomly selected for this promotion and you agree that The Travel Mom shall have no liability and shall be held harmless in connection with any aspect of this promotion.

If a winner does not claim their prize within 30 days of time of notification of winning said prize, said prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected at random.

  • Wendy Stephens

    What a great give away! :)

  • Diane Mansfield

    What a great one! Yeah!

  • Celina Salinas

    I really want to win!

  • Mary H

    If I won the reward points, I would go to Monterey, CA. We love it down there and if I had any left over, I would put them towards a vacation to Disneyland.
    Hope I win.
    Thanks for the great giveaways

  • Annette Milliken

    would love those points awesome!

  • Kristina Leonard

    My husband and I have been married 14 years and in all this time we’ve never taken a honeymoon. That’s what I’d do with that many points! :)

  • James

    I love Marriotts – Residence Inns are our family’s preference :)

  • Jeff Tincher

    Cool giveaway. 50K points would be nice since we’re using that many (and then some) for a long weekend getaway for our 10th anniversary in a few weeks. We’ll be heading to Wenworth by the Sea, Marriott Resort, along the New Hampshire coast. Can’t wait.

  • Ed Arsenault

    My wife and I would either go to Shadow
    Ridge in AZ. Or Marriott resort in Aruba!

  • pat

    I’d enjoy using marriott points in atlanta

  • Linda Parker

    Would take a mini vacation with my daughter and her family with 3 kids including twins under 2 she could use it!! So could her father and myself. What a great way to enjoy the children and relax at the same time!!

  • AaronK

    What a great one! Thanks.

  • Stephen

    Luxury lover, for sure.

  • Bharath

    I am a World Wide Traveller

  • Aoife

    Great giveaway – I’d love to visit Paris

  • Adriano

    Since I am from the huge city of Sao Paulo, I could not be any different from an Urban Explorer =^)

  • Chris

    I am The Luxury Lover due to family influence.

  • Russell S.

    I am a Weekend Wanderer

  • Russell S.

    I am the Weekend Wanderer

  • Pointasaurus

    Family Type on my end!

  • Sajer Guy

    I’m an Urban Adventurer and I’d head to Hong Kong!!!

  • Vincent

    Urban Explorer here, want to go to Paris again!

  • jia yu

    I just played Marriott Rewards’ “What’s your Travel Type?” game and found out that I am an luxury lover!

  • Ti Multerer

    Loved Europe but hard to get there again with the 2 young kids. Dreaming of my days as an Urban Explorer!

  • Steven

    I just played Marriott Rewards’ “What’s your Travel Type?” game and found out that I am an luxury lover!

  • Grant Thomas

    I am a luxury lover :)

  • Bryan Schmiedeler

    I am a Luxury Lover, or at least I better be, because that is what my wife wants……

  • Bruce W

    Marriott Aruba Surf club is our favorite vacation spot!

  • Shiqi

    The Discoverer

  • Chuck Dashkowitz

    I’m a Discoverer who would use them in Hawaii !!

  • waldek

    Urban explorer need to visit Bangkok

  • Pat O

    I would love to use these points to spoil my wife. Thanks!!

  • Jon

    The Discoverer! Winning the points would help me do more of that.

  • Katherine

    I am planning a trip to Spain and the 50,000 points would help with 2 nights in Barcelona.

  • Valeria

    I’m a Discoverer!!!

  • matt

    I am an Urban Explorer!

  • Sharon

    Luxury Lover but what I’d really love is your 50,000 points to bring me closer to Lifetime Platinum. Retiring soon and would love to remain MR Platinum and enjoy Marriott elite forever.

  • Jerry

    I`d love to win for our 45 th Anniversay

  • Michael

    I’m an Urban Explorer!

  • Juan

    I’m an Urban Explorer too.

  • Christopher Russell

    The Discoverer

  • Joseph

    The Discover – time to go to Paris!

  • Solar

    One Luxury Lover please.

  • Barrett

    I ended up as the Urban Explorer!

  • Steve

    Luxury Lover

  • Faye

    I’d treat my two daughters to a weekend getaway. Fantastic!!!

  • Stefan

    I’m a luxury lover! I’d love to go to Madrid!

  • scott

    Great give away! I could put those points to good use!- Thank you.

  • Carl T

    Im discover! And I would spend them on my trio to Bali this Christmas!

  • BothofUs2

    I’m a Luxury Lover!

  • Ang

    I’m a luxury lover

  • Ron

    I’m a luxury lover, and would use them in Hawaii!

  • Nishanth

    I am an Urban Explorer! :)

  • Mike D

    I’m an Urban Explorer! : )

  • Kalboz

    I am The Luxury Lover and can use a stay at a JW Marriott

  • Carol

    Thanks for organizing this giveaway. Mine was Luxury Lover!

  • leung

    luxury lover

  • lee

    luxury lover

  • Steve

    I would go to Monterey, CA.

  • Zack

    I am a weekend warrior

  • Bacc

    I’m a discoverer. Just found your blog will be revisiting it frequently.

  • pankaj

    Individualist! I’d use the points in Europe

  • james K

    I am an Urban explorer.

  • Marvin

    I’m a Discoverer !!!

  • Charles

    I’m a Discoverer !!

  • Quinn

    I am a family Traveler but I dont have a family to travel with!

  • Caesar

    I’m a luxury lover all the way! :)

  • Goosh

    Urban Explorer.

  • Sy Ochoa

    I’m a Luxury Lover – If there’s a upgrade I want it!!! Thankx!

  • Calvin Chen

    I’m an Urban Explorer!

  • sam

    I am urban explorer and wish to have a trip in Paris!

  • thomas

    I’m a Luxury Lover, hope to use it for my honeymoon in Okinawa

  • steven T

    i’m a discoverer!

  • LL

    I am a luxury lover!

  • Risa M.

    I’m a Individualist and I’d love to win Marriott points!

  • Scott

    I was a Family Traveler, which makes sense with all our families road trips to Disneyland every year. Those Marriott points would come in handy!! Thanks!

  • Melissa

    Family Traveler… We’d use it for a family reunion in Montana!

  • Josh

    The Individualist

  • ela

    I am a Discoverer. I would like to see Paris.

  • ela

    I am a Discoverer. I like traveling to Europe.

  • Valerie

    I am a luxury lover.

  • Vard

    just another luxury lover

  • naresh

    i wish i win to use points for my next travel.

  • Dennybob

    Thanks for doing this. I was born an Urban Explorer. Hong Kong this winter.

  • Holly

    I am definitely an Urban Explorer. I would love to book a room in Monterey.

  • dotdot

    i’m a discover

  • Michael

    Count me in as an Urban Explorer!

  • Bas

    I’m a Discoverer and would love to win!

  • Jonathan

    I am an Urban Explorer!

  • Lauren Thomas

    Urban, but I like luxury too!

  • Chris K

    I am a discoverer.

  • Bellogna

    I’m an individualist

  • Kimberly

    I am a Weekend Wanderer … so true!

  • murtuza

    I am an Urban Explorer! Would stay in Rome with the points!

  • Eric

    I am an Urban Explorer!

  • Jeff

    I would love to Urban Explorer with my GF all over Madrid and Toledo. Would be a great opportunity to explore on our anniversary.

  • Holly

    Urban Explorer here.

  • Coleman Buckhouse

    Urban Explorer!

  • Steven

    Weekend Wanderer and would like to explore Mexico City!

  • pebs

    I am a Luxury Lover

  • Mike

    I’m an Urban Explorer.. though my wife is probably the Individualist. I’d use the points to do Flights + Miles with Marriott so that they each transfer 1:1 to airlines!

  • kush

    I am urban discoverer

  • derrick

    I am an urban explorer!

  • John

    I’m an urban explorer

  • yosua

    I’m a luxury lover…i hope i win.

  • ontherun

    Found out that I’m a Discoverer and would love to Scuba Dive in Australia.

  • debbie glinko

    Gotta “discover” the world with Marriott points!

  • Nick M.

    I am a discoverer!

  • Quentin

    This is very cool! Woud love to win…
    I’m an Urban Explorer!

  • dude26

    I am an urban explorer:)

  • Scott McIntosh

    I’m an urban explorer!

  • Charles

    I’m a Discoverer !!!

  • Eugene

    Urban Explorer. Traveling the World on Points and Miles:)

  • Helen

    I am an urban explorer

  • camilo chavez

    i am urban explorer!!

  • chiyu

    I’m an Urban Explorer. I’m gonna use the point for my stays in Spain if I won!

  • Ruth

    I’m a Luxury Lover! Would love a getaway!

  • schmerj

    I’m an Individualist!

  • Philip

    I’d love to visit Barcelona because I’m a discoverer.

  • PJ

    My type is a discoverer and I’d love to visit Madrid

  • abdul

    Family Type on my end!

  • Jason

    I am an Urban Explorer and would to visit Spain!

  • llador

    I am DISCOVER and would love to visit Islands of HI

  • Charles

    I’m a Discoverer and would use the points in Maui!!

  • Christy

    Luxury lover all the way!

  • Robert

    Urban Explorer!

  • Caitlyn

    I am a luxury lover!

  • Nicole C.

    I’m an Urban Explorer. I’d explore Europe with my 50,000 Marriott points

  • phxbne

    Urban Explorer

  • james horne

    I am an Individualist and would love to use those points in Key West.

  • C Maloney

    How about Bali or the Maldives this Christmas! I am a luxury lover!

  • Patrick

    I would like to go to New York! urban dude

  • pointsandtravel

    I would love to go to Spain and Portugal with my Marriot Points! Luxury lover!

  • Sandeep

    Urban Explorer!

  • Augustocav

    I am a discoverer! I’d use the points in Paris.

  • Charles

    I’m a Discoverer !! :)

  • victor

    urban explorer – love to go to spain…

  • Lisa Marie

    We LOVE Marriott reward points. We would use the extra points for our honeymoon :) Thank you for the opportunity!